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Finding the Man

When I was preparing for my wedding last year, one of the things that I needed to set up was the music that I would like to have played at the reception. I needed to find a band that would play for me. Thankfully, there was a band in my area who was great at what they did and who was available for the date of my wedding. I knew that this band would be perfect for me and my fiance. Just days before the wedding, though, the band let me know that their saxophonist Manchester would not be around for the event. I was worried and didn’t know what I would do. Thankfully, I had a friend who knew someone who played. My friend set me up with the man who would help out the band, and things ended up going really good.

A Part of the Magic

I always wanted to use my musical talents for something that was special and would be remembered. When a friend of mine asked me to be the wedding violinist Manchester for her sister’s big day I was so surprised and excited. I was happy to have the opportunity to play my music for a new crowd. I was happy to have the chance to be different and help out with the magic of the big day that was my friend’s sister’s wedding. I know that I will have many more opportunities to perform in this way and to be a part of other weddings, because those who were a part of this wedding complimented me and asked for my contact information. I feel like my journey as a musician is just getting started, and I am excited for the future.