Bad Day

Tuesday was a bust. Everything seemed to go wrong, from the way my sandwich got stepped on in the car, to the horrible rainy weather. Honestly, the only good thing that happened at all was my Manchester thai massage.

I’m starting to think that giving Rachel a ride to work is far more trouble than it’s worth, even though she gives me gas money. She’s constantly messing with my stuff, not the least of which, my lunch which she either tries to share with me, or inevitably damages somehow like she did this time. Really, how do you step on a sandwich and not know you’re doing it?

The other thing I’m seriously questioning is my job. I feel like all my boss does is criticize me, even when I do exactly what she asks. I’ve even asked her what I can do to improve, and she’s not giving me any help.

What a life. I think I need a new one.

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