My Not So Good Day

I am grateful for my life. I can honestly say that I have way more good days than bad days. However, last week, I had a very bad day. It was one of those days when it seemed like no matter what I did, nothing would go right. It all started when I woke up late for work. I had to rush to get myself and children out of the door.

My boss reprimanded me for being late. It was embarrassing. The work day seemed to drag on. I did not get to relax after work. I had to run the florist Harrogate and then pick my kids up. After that, I had to make dinner. I ended up burning dinner, so we had to order a pizza. It was one of those days when I could not wait to get in the bed.

Rain Dances Work

It was a sweltering day in Texas. The thermometer read 103 degrees. There hadn’t been rain in months. A few local companies got together, and planned a rain dance festival to try to get the local townspeople together. So many people had their air conditioning Manchester going that the town had a power outage, and the people of the town were hot and angry. The companies were hoping a rain dance festival might calm them down. The ice cream parlor volunteered to give out free ice cream because it was going to melt with no power anyways. Word spread quickly, and soon people gathered and the rain dance began. It was only supposed to be a distraction, to calm the tempers of the town, but an amazing unexpected thing happened though. It began pouring rain. The crowd cheered and danced even more. Maybe, rain dances really do work?

Changing Careers

I have worked in the finance industry for many years. Even though the pay was great, I was still very unhappy with my job. I dreaded going to work every morning because I felt so unfulfilled at my job. I decided to quit my job about six months ago. Many people told me I was crazy because I was making over six figures a year. However, I realized that money cannot buy true happiness.

My husband is supporting me and taking care of the household bills. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. I have always had a passion for beauty, so I decided that I will become a wedding makeup artist. I eventually want to start my own business, but I am now taking courses at a beauty school in order to prepare me for my new endeavor.

Finding the Man

When I was preparing for my wedding last year, one of the things that I needed to set up was the music that I would like to have played at the reception. I needed to find a band that would play for me. Thankfully, there was a band in my area who was great at what they did and who was available for the date of my wedding. I knew that this band would be perfect for me and my fiance. Just days before the wedding, though, the band let me know that their saxophonist Manchester would not be around for the event. I was worried and didn’t know what I would do. Thankfully, I had a friend who knew someone who played. My friend set me up with the man who would help out the band, and things ended up going really good.

You Need to Speak Up

“What did you say?”

“For the third time, did you like the book?”

“Yes, and there wouldn’t be a third time if you would speak up.”

“I’m almost shouting. You need to get your hearing checked.”

“You need to stop mumbling.”

“I’m the problem. What about the waiter at the restaurant the other day that started to write down his question about your order and then asked me for help?”

“The restaurant was too noisy.”

“We were the only ones there. Lately, you have a complaint about everyone you try to talk to. You need to get your hearing checked and, maybe, look into some help. I know you hate the idea. But today, Stockport hearing aids aren’t one size fits all. I’m certain you can find one that will suit you, and keep the rest of us from becoming hoarse from shouting.”

“Okay. For you and your voice box.”

A Part of the Magic

I always wanted to use my musical talents for something that was special and would be remembered. When a friend of mine asked me to be the wedding violinist Manchester for her sister’s big day I was so surprised and excited. I was happy to have the opportunity to play my music for a new crowd. I was happy to have the chance to be different and help out with the magic of the big day that was my friend’s sister’s wedding. I know that I will have many more opportunities to perform in this way and to be a part of other weddings, because those who were a part of this wedding complimented me and asked for my contact information. I feel like my journey as a musician is just getting started, and I am excited for the future.

Dizzy House Painting

I had never had problems with being dizzy before, but now with having to paint the house it was getting to be a real problem. I would climb the ladder, start feeling strange and have to come down before even putting the brush in the can. I called my doctor and explained the symptoms and after playing what felt like 64 questions, he suggested I come in for a brief checkup.

During the visit the doc stuck that silly light thing of his in my ear. A couple of “ums, and ahs” later, a nurse was called in and given instructions to preform an ear wax removal Manchester procedure. He explained how ear wax build up can make you feel dizzy and assuring me it wasn’t anything to do with lack of hygiene. Sometimes, the wax just builds up. Well, with clean ears, I’m no longer dizzy and the house is painted.